Nevada department of taxation tire surcharge fee return

The advisory clarified the Tire Surcharge Fee must be collected on all retail tire purchases regardless of who the tire is …FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY For Month ending Due on or before If the name or address as shown is incorrect, if the ownership or business location has changed, or if you are out of business, notify a Nevada Department of Taxation District Office immediately. Melanie Young was appointed Executive Director of the Department of Taxation in January 2019 by Governor Steve Sisolak. Initials. 115 Date Carson City, NV 89706 Phone: (775) 684-2000 Initials Fax: (775) 684-2020 For Month ending …The Tax Department is responsible for administering the collection of the fee. 4/17/2009 · tax. The revenue collected by the Department funds all levels of government in Nevada, including school districts, cities, counties, and the state. A RETURN MUST BE FILED EVEN IF NO TAX LIABILITY EXISTS 1. TID or . Account No. 25 for each tire sold when you file the waste tire management fee return. Visit our Special Taxes and Fees page for more information on these programs. . Amount . us documents Tire_Surcharge_Return2 1. location has changed, or if you are out of business, notify a Nevada Department of Taxation District Office immediately. Due on or before Date paidLoading, Please Wait! This may take a second or two. 115 . 00 per tire = $ 2. TIRE SURCHARGE FEE RETURN. FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY . Total Tires x $1. Who must collect the fee. The Business Tax and Fee Division administers most of the special tax and fee programs in cooperation with other state agencies. 05 x Line 1) $ ( ) 3. state. Mail Original to: Nevada Department of Taxation 1550 College Parkway, Rm. If you are a tire retailer, including a car dealer or an auto repair shop, you must collect the $2. The return must include: (a) The total number of tires for vehicles sold at retail during the preceding month. The tire retailer shall hold in an account the tire surcharge collected pursuant to this section until remitted to the Department. TIRE SURCHARGE FEE RETURN FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY Mail Original to: Amount Nevada Department of Taxation Compliance Division Check # 1550 College Parkway, Rm. Less Administrative Allowance 5% (. For month ending. A RETURN MUST BE FILED EVEN IF NO FEE LIABILITY EXISTS 1. Check # Date . Young has spent 20 years as a public servant to the State of An advisory regarding the applicability of the Tire Surcharge Fee on retail transactions to “sales tax exempt purchasers” was recently obtained from the Nevada Attorney General’s Office. Carson City, NV 89706 Phone: (775) 684-2000 . 50 per tire fee on most new tires sold. NEVADA DEPT OF TAXATION. A tire retailer shall submit a monthly return on a form prescribed by the Department. NEVADA DEPT OF TAXATION TID or Account No. Tax and Fee programs administered by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration: Alcoholic Beverage Tax; California Tire Fee3. nv. 4. About Director Young. You must remit $2

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