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Whitening pen use Is it safe to use Colgate ® Optic White ® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen every day? If used as directed, it is safe for everyday use. It’s like coloring your teeth white. About Us. Prescribed teeth whitening treatments from Philips Zoom! can give you a smile up to 6 shades whiter and take place either in-practice or at home. The first step is a consultation with your dental professional. These kits also include a mouth tray, a tooth shade guide, clear instructions, and a travel box. The pen has been formulated with hydrogen peroxide to deeply whiten teeth in just two days, while the toothbrush has raised polishing bristles for a better clean and to help remove plaque and surface stains from teeth. Starts working in 1 day. So, it’s time to fight back with this easy to use Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen! It’s seriously as easy as 1, 2, 3. As children, we loved to use crayons, pens, and markers to draw and color. Hi, i have tooth sensitivity and was wondering if this would hurt , also how well does it work did u see results after first use?Flawless Teeth Whitening Pen Are you self-conscious about the color of your teeth and try not to smile on purpose? Then you need to try this! Our brand new Flawless Teeth Whitening Pen removes every lingering unwanted stain on your teeth, without any discomfort or …Safe and Gentle for Daily Use: This teeth whitening pen is ultra safe and provides fast results with just 1 minute of daily use! The pen contains more than 20uses and with consecutive use, teeth can become 4 to 8 shades whiter. Now whitening your teeth is as simple as a childhood hobby. With just one use per …How long does the whitening gel in the pen last? Depending on individual usage, the gel can last anywhere from two to six weeks. The new Zoom Whitening Pens brightens smiles without having a mess. Both the toothpaste and whitening pen contain the same whitening ingredient dentists use but in a lower strength formula. Products Application Ordering Returns . Once you have purchased your own teeth whitening pens from our website, we will be more than happy to show you how to use them. There are 2 options to choose from, including take-home whitening and chairside whitening. Available In: Soft bristles. Whether you want to whiten your teeth in one day, one week, or keep them white on-the-go, we have the answers for you. Our formula is vegan and gluten-free. TOP QUESTIONS. Regardless, we recommend changing your Toothbrush + Whitening Pen every three months. Since one pen can be applied around 30 times, you are fully covered for 15 days of use. FAQ. Colgate Optic White Beauty Kit Toothpaste + Whitening Pen gives you 5 shades whiter teeth and starts working in just 1 day. Avoid putting gel on your gums. Open the bright on pen and slowly twist the bottom until gel is visible on the brush. Brush the gel onto your front top and bottom teeth in a circular motion and wear for 5 minutes. Love your Smile! intelliWHiTE delivers dentist quality whitening results at home. There is no need to use a pen all the time, couple months of usage combined with the same time of rest will do just fine. See all. Colgate Optic White Beauty Kit with toothpaste + whitening pen for whiter teeth in 5 days^. Use morning and evening daily for 1 week. Buy Superdrug Teeth Whitening Pen at Superdrug. Whitening pen stores conveniently inside the toothbrush *For advertised results, continue to use as directed for 3 weeks. Small enough to carry with you on the go, these teeth whitening pens can be used anytime, anyplace. On top of that, other habits like smoking, tea drinking, and aging can all make your teeth yellower. The pen is loaded with easy to use teeth whitening gel made of mild yet effective ingredients that remove stains taking care of teeth. This whitening pen has a sleek tube design that fits in any purse or pocket that contains a 35% Carbide Peroxide whitening gel which generates an ultra-fine foam to …10/15/2018 · How to use bright on premium teeth whitening. Free standard delivery Order and Collect. c) Pen and brush-on products are fairly inexpensive. Teeth Whitening Pen. After you’ve finished all of your applications and you’re satisfied with how bright your smile is, you can use a whitening pen to make touch-ups when you’re out and about. Our famous dental quality 18% carbamide peroxide formula in the form of a pen you simply paint on your teeth for a Pearly White smile anywhere, any time you choose and …6/28/2012 · There are many advantages to a teeth whitening pen, and you are encouraged to check them out for yourself. And for all of these reasons, just using a whitening pen may offer the opportunity for a person to perform treatments whereas otherwise they would not. First, dry your teeth and then click the pen to dispense the whitening gel. com plus much more from Superdrug . Colgate Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen is a teeth cleaning and whitening system featuring a toothbrush and whitening pen. For example, having to use these items can be cumbersome, hard to keep in place, a cause of gum irritation, or trigger excessive salivation. Here is the Video on How to Use Zoom Whitening Pen:. A simple and effective DIY teeth whitening treatment - great for travel and on-the-go touch-ups. Whitening Pen. Brush teeth first – do not floss. intelliWHiTE is safe, professional strength teeth whitening created by a dentist for at 10/18/2017 · Do Teeth Whitening Pen Work? If you are looking for a quick fix for yellow teeth then teeth whitening pen is a great way to meet your requirement. This Teeth Whitening Pen removes all unwanted stains and makes your teeth white as a pearl and its great for those with sensitive teeth who want a gentler teeth whitening. And we are proud to be certified cruelty-free. The specially designed pen contains a whitening gel that can be applied directly to teeth Whitening pen use
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