Hector camacho vs edwin rosario

. 9/13/1997 · He met Edwin Rosario on June 13, 1986, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a bout also broadcast on HBO. M2TS 2. However, Camacho still won most of the rounds, and enough of them to finish with the higher score. torrent的磁力链接下载与迅雷链接下载。DOG ASIDE: The interview featured in this video took place after a 10 round junior middleweight fight with Howard Davis Jr…. Sure, he did more damage. 2. -Rosario, en desafío de guapos!notifight. 3. 9GB 1991-05-18 Hector Camacho vs Greg Haugan II Espn HD. Edwin Rosario: 12 round battle in the Lightweight Division. 57 GB,共包含43个文件,被下载10次,下载速度较慢,银河磁力提供Hector Camacho. Hector Camacho, billed as "Opposites Attack", was a professional boxing match contested on September 13, 1997 for …11/25/2012 · Camacho was SO fast it seemed almost unfair to have just one fighter in there against him. which he won by unanimous decision…. 1GB 1986-06-13 Hector Camacho vs Edwin Rosario …6/12/2018 · Hector Camacho Gets Split Decision Edwin Rosario This Day June 13, 1986 . mkv 6. Cornelius Boza-EdwardsHector Camacho. Hector Camacho. torrentBT种子创建于2018-04-08 20:42:34,文件总大小20. Hector Camacho 135 lbs; Edwin Rosario 134 lbs; SD in round 12 of 12; Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAHéctor “Macho” Camacho y Edwin Rosario son separados por el árbitro Arthur Mercante en el histórico combate que se celebró el 13 de junio del 1986 en el Madison Square Garden. 1989-03-06 Ray Mancini vs Hector Camacho Espn HD. Edwin Rosario: I still don't see where some think Rosario won that fight. Also features Hector Camacho Sr. ¡Camacho-vs. com/artman2/publish/Romero_14/Camacho-vsEN GUERRA DE GUAPOS, POR SUPREMACÍA Y RENCILLAS PERSONALES, HÉCTOR «MACHO» CAMACHO Y EDWIN «CHAPO» ROSARIO, LOGRARON RESPETARSE, DESPUÉS DE EXAMINARSE HASTA LA AUTENTICIDAD DE SER AMBOS Watch HBO Boxing - Season 14, Episode 9 - Livingstone Bramble vs. Oscar De La Hoya vs. 1GB 1991-02-23 Hector Camacho vs Greg Haugen I Espn HD. 2 tūkst. 5/29/2013 · Ver JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ VS EDWIN ROSARIO - Vídeo Dailymotion - Rafa Martin Ko Verdun en dailymotionAutorius: Rafa Martin Ko VerdunPeržiūrų: 4. vs. as he defeated the fighter who he grew up admiring as an amateur champion in New York City

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